Toshiba 50A61

Toshiba 50A61 50-Inch Projection TV

Toshiba 50A61 Projection TV


Buy Toshiba 50A61 Projection TV

This widescreen 50-inch powerhouse packs everything from generous AV inputs to Toshiba’s latest high-tech video innovations (including two-tuner, multiwindow picture-in-picture). the standard starts with a wideband video amplifier, works its approach through the set’s in depth lens system (including PowerFocus and CRTs and a five-element lens with Multilinear Digital Convergence and Multilinear Digital Focus), and manifests itself onscreen through a three-line digital comb filter with vertical contour correction, velocity scan modulation, and 900 lines of horizontal resolution. are you able to say “HDTV ready”?

Among the 50A61′s alternative image-enhancing options are flesh-tone correction and a color-detail enhancer, video noise reduction, black-level growth, and color-temperature management (warm, medium, and cool).

This Cinema Series tv uses Toshiba’s TheaterShield and, an improved version of the acrylic defend the corporate uses to guard its screens. commonplace TheaterShield incorporates a special exhausting coat to resist scratching, whereas TheaterShield and adds an antireflective layer to the surfaces of the defend. this extra layer reduces reflectivity by over fifty % and improves the set’s overall distinction.

Working in tandem with TheaterShield and is Toshiba’s TheaterBright technology, which–between enhancements to the projection lens and therefore the screen–grants a good, 160-degree viewing angle to be used in any area. TheaterBright uses a double lenticular (two-lens) projection configuration, combining a Fresnel lens and a fine-pitch (0.72 millimeter) BlackStripe screen. The screen is tinted for increased distinction, and Toshiba has incorporated a surface layer diffuser, that concentrates the tinting on a thinner layer of the screen’s surface. The result’s a high-resolution, high-brightness, and–with TheaterShield Plus–high-contrast screen.

In the audio department, the set works either as a monitor in conjunction along with your surround receiver and speakers, or as a self-contained audio-video entity, boasting fifteen watts per channel through front-firing stereo speakers. Toshiba’s Sub Bass System (SBS) ensures dramatic low-end performance with movies and music videos, and MTS Stereo/SAP (with dbx surround sound) delivers spectacular broadcast audio. A center-channel audio input helps you to fancy five.1-channel surround though you’ve got surround speakers however lack external front left, center, and right speakers. you will conjointly enjoy: variable audio outputs, PIP sound, and Stable Sound for minimizing the garish level hikes when the station cuts to a billboard break.

Other conveniences embrace an illuminated (backlit) AV universal remote management, color-icon trilingual onscreen show, direct video input choice, Movie and Sports modes, individual AV settings for inputs, Favorite Channel, and V-chip parental management.

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